Monday, November 17, 2014

Email 11-16-14 #1 & #2

This is the last "all charms" email for the DC trip.  I have included all present and past email addresses to make sure that no one misses this information.

I'm trying to get things organized in charms, including DC trip forms checked in, fan bus, etc...Need your help parents!

I'm desperate to get everyone using charms regularly.  Please let me know if you are confused by the "charms thing"  I would be happy to meet with you or if there is a need do a charms training session for a group, I'd be pleased to arrange one.  The only thing we are not up and running with in Charms is the finances.  If you have any questions about your student balance, Christine Carwyn has it all in hand, feel free to contact her at:

DC Travelers
Please read this entire email
  1. Go to this link to confirm that your reservation is correct or make changes,
  2. Go to Charms, login to your student account and make sure student information is correct including:
  • email
  • mailing address
  • Date of birth
  • Complete all phone #’s
It is crucial that these steps are followed or we cannot move forward with the trip reservations.

There are two places to get trip information:

fyi...Charms Login steps:
  • School code is phnband
  • Student login password is the PHASD student #
  • Chaperones login password is 4 letter of last and first name…BingRond
  • After you sign in you can change your password to make the account secure