Thursday, July 30, 2015

Band Camp Day 4

& Skit Night

Just like on the Cruise Ship!!
It's all in the presentation

Rodney's in the house!!

Time for a little dancing!

Did you wonder where all those "Little Debbies" went?

Band Camp 2015 Day 3

TYE - DYE Day!!

Lots of smiling faces today, thermostat turned down a bit!
and the wifi is working!!!

It might be cooler but the water keeps coming.
Thanks to these chaperones for hauling water and filling jugs.

This is a snippet of the line for lunch and they cant miss the med cart...its there at every meal.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Band Camp 2015 Day 2

Super Hero Day

Even more heat today...WOW!!
With the heat come more breaks and time to hang with bandos
So we enhanced the slip-n-slide

Yummy Food today
French toast & sausage for Breakfast
Field work
Chicken & Tatoe-tots for lunch
Spaghetti for dinner!
more field work
Evening movie Big Hero 6

Seniors prepping for their last skit night @ their last band camp and their last year.....