Thursday, April 27, 2017

Today is the day to Drive

All we need is you and a few friends!!
Time to drive a Ford...they have money just waiting for us!
Lets GO GET IT!!!

2-7 pm at Northgate Ford!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Maybe your too busy to make it to the FORD Drive 4 UR School tomorrow...then please do the band a favor and find two more people that can take your place.

Maybe you don't need the $5 for your student account...wait, but you'll be giving up $15 more, that the band REALLY needs.

Every Driver counts!!!

PLEASE, please, I beg of you.  Find Drivers, send them to Northgate Ford tomorrow between 2 & 7pm. 

"We" will be really nice to them and share in some laughs.  "We Volunteers" really like people and we love to support the efforts of our students.

Your kids matter to us!

Please send anyone, everyone you know to support this effort!

Call your people and have them come see our people!!
Imagine what can be done with $6000.00???

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Everyday this week you will see my reminders that PHN Bands is hosting a fantastic fundraiser.

All you need to do is show up between 2-7pm this Thursday and drive a Ford!  It won't cost you a penny, just 20 mins of your time. This is a very important event for the band and as we have the potential to raise up to $6000.00.

You can make the difference, for each drive we ring up $20.00.  Who can beat a deal like that!!!
Each student that sends a driver
will earn $5 to their student account.

See you Thursday!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Scrapbooking Fundraiser - Urgent responses needed

Friends of PHN Bands – we need your help!
Our Annual Scrapbook Event is coming up next Saturday, April 22. As of this morning, there are very few volunteers signed up.  We have only a couple helpers, and a very minimal amount of food. 
Here’s the problem – if we can’t see a BIG jump in the number of people signing up for helper spots, food and donations for the raffle by MONDAY, we will need to cancel the event.  That will certainly disappoint the scrapbookers who have signed up and are excited support our organization!
Please, please log into Charms and choose a volunteer spot that works best for you!
Friday Set-up: Volunteers 

Saturday Event day: Volunteers

Of particular need is food for the breakfast, lunch and dinner we provide our participants.  We are serving breakfast casseroles and an oatmeal bar in the morning, soups and salads for lunch and pasta for dinner.  We like to keep some granola bars and snacks out during the day, and desserts after lunch and dinner. Like last year, we’ve made it super easy – the soups we are requesting are the frozen ones from GFS.  Just pop them in your crockpot, add the appropriate liquid listed on the package and plug it in!  Perfect for everyone’s busy schedule.
Breakfast foods & Drinks:


Our third BIG need is for donations for the raffle.  We make quite a bit of money for our program from the proceeds of the raffle items!! Gift baskets, gift certificates, gift cards, items donated by local businesses – anything goes.  Not feeling handy in the gift basket department? If you can donate some items, your Scrapbook Committee will be happy to assemble them for you during the set up Friday evening!
Thank you so much for your help in making this a wonderful event!
Andrea Hoover – Scrapbook, Co-chair  

If you have any questions my email is, my cell is 810-858-1817