Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Community Days November 14 & 15, 2014

Purchase a Community Days booklet and show your support for
PHN Bands

Buy a Community Days coupon booklet online at the link below:

Booklets are loaded with fantastic offers that will be 
Available at Carson's during the 
Community Days event on November 14 & November 15
 Each booklet includes a $10 off coupon that 
Can be used on an item priced at $10 or more, 
 A value worth double the $5 price of the booklet!           

Students selling books will earn $3.00 per book towards their account and $2.00 will go to the booster general account.

And there is a tiered 25% / 20% / 10% off shopping pass!
Plus coupons can be used on top of over 100 Bonus Buys!


For every booklet we sell, we keep the entire 
$5 purchase price. Our goal is to raise $1000.00

Students selling books will earn $3.00 per book towards their account and $2.00 will go to the booster general account.

The coupons in the booklet can be used at any
 Bon-Ton, Bergner’s, Boston Store, Carson’s,
Elder-Beerman, Herberger’s, or Younkers store 
Or online for purchases of regular, sale price and clearance 
items, including 10% off electronics, fashion watches, 

furniture & mattresses. 

100% of the proceeds from the booklet sales will help PHN Bands.

Thanks for your support and happy shopping!

Use this link to share with family & friends:

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Saturday October 18th, 2014

(Morning to evening)*
    During the football game, your students will be perform in the halftime show
    with a band of over 2000 students!

    Student should eat before they arrive
    Lunch is provided, but bring 10-15 dollars for dinner.
    *More details will be provided as the event date get closer.

      Ticket information for the SPU vs. MU football game
        • Families and friends wishing to attend the game must purchase tickets
          • Our group is looking into purchasing bulk tickets, deadline of Oct 6th, 2014
          • Public tickets- $20 per ticket
          • Group tickets (10 or more)- $5 per ticket
          • Family ticket package (4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 drinks)- $50
          • If you wish to purchase your own ticket got to this link:
          • Each football game ticket also includes admission to the performance exhibition at 6:00 p.m.  If families/friends wish to attend the performance exhibition portion only, there will be a $5 admission charge at the gate.

          Saturday, September 20, 2014


          Our new trailer traveling in STYLE!

          Zombie Preparation

          Parade Time

          More of the ZOMBIE experience at this  link.

          Sunday, September 14, 2014

          New Apparel for Booster parents

             Brand new Apparel!   

          If you want to look amazing when you volunteer,
          then this is the shirt you will want to wear!!

          Price: $28.00 XS XL $31.00 2X, 3X

          Friday, September 12, 2014

          Football Game information

          TWIB this week:

          Who: Marching Band at home games
          When: Friday September 12, 2014
          Where: Memorial Stadium

          During school, Tubas, Drum Majors, Percussion and a few other large
          instruments load their own equipment onto the truck
          • 5:00 Drop off student at Stadium
          • Percussion and color guard drop off earlier for sectionals
          • 5:15 Student are at practice field, ready to play, ready to go Practice/rehearsal
          • 6:45 Pregame performance
          • Cheer football team, play in stands in prearranged seating
          • 7:50 Halftime performance
          • Cheer football team, play in stands
          • 9:15 Game concludes, load equipment truck, pick up student

          • Marching shoes, Hat, Plume
          • Gloves - issued at first game, bring back same pair for each game
          • Do not wear anything under the uniform that “shows” (wear navy or black)
          • Hair must be pulled back or up - no visible hair ties/barrettes
          • Hair nets may be required (applies to both males and females)
          • Hat must be able to be removed and replaced
          • No obvious earrings or makeup (visible at 10 feet), no watches
          • Plain black dress socks that are at least calf-length

          • Students are to leave instrument cases by equipment truck 
          • Students are expected to sit in the band block
          • Please do not bring food or non-water drinks to your student 
          • Students are to stay until the end of the game (9:15ish) 
          • Students are to be ready to play at all times
          • Students are to bring gloves back for next performance
          • Students that do not meet uniform or practice expectations perform from sidelines
          • Students are expected to reload their own equipment onto truck
          • By middle of September, most music is memorized
          • Marching Uniforms available Thursday Sept 11 after practice 
          • Student will need to have their Uniform Sheet turned in to pick up their uniform.

          Bring money for food, drink, and tip (total $8-$10)
          Uniform for September 12 performance: Full band uni

          Tuesday, September 9, 2014

          September Booster Meeting!

          Another record attendance!  That is 2 months in a row.
          Thank you to the 32 people that attended the Band Booster meeting and a Giant thanks to the other 5 people that were at the very at work in the band room hemming uniforms.
          Lots of information shared, watch this blog for updates and new posts.
          Really exciting stuff...NEW Booster Shirts soon to be available!

          Sunday, September 7, 2014

          September Booster Meeting Agenda

          Band Booster Agenda
          Tuesday September 9, 2014
          7:00 PM Choir Room, PHN

          Secretary’s report from August Meeting 

          Treasurer’s report

          Old business
          • Uniforms
          • MSU trip

          New business
          • By law review—Kercher...You can download bylaws here 
          • Pizza sale—Kercher
          • First game--Ronda
          • Scrapbooking—Straffon
          • Fundraisers—Shari Straffon
            • September
            • October: Butterbraids
            • November: Fruit
            • Band-O-Grams
            • December: Poinsettias, Ronda Bingham & Carolyn Holley
            • February: Scrapbook Event
            • March: Little Ceasars, Chris Kercher
            • May: Flowers for Mothers Day, Ronda Bingham & Carolyn Holley
          • Halloweekends—Kercher
          • Director’s report

          Saturday, September 6, 2014

          Little Caesars Fundraising

          Little Caesars Delivery due this Tuesday
          We are in need of Volunteers on pick-up day 3:30 - 7:00 pm.

          We 6 people to help sort pizza kits for easy pick-up for those that ordered.
          Please go to the Charms link above to offer your assistance!

          If you have any questions please call or text Chris Kercher

          This is how we roll!

          Headed to Crull & Holland Wood schools
           to perform for the students, putting our new trailer to good use.

          What breeze to load and unload.
          This investment has improved the care in handling our percussion equipment, immeasurably.

           Crull School

          Warming up

          Getting ready to March the Hall to Gymnasium

           Holland Woods 

          Tuesday, September 2, 2014

          Halloweekends Saturday September 20, 2014

          Saturday September 20th, 2014

          This is a costumed performance and we receive a break on admission due to the type of performance we provide.  Students will be expected to be in costume and makeup.

          Student ticket riding bus $55
          Student not riding bus $25

          Family member riding bus $75
          Family member not riding bus $40


          Board buses at 7:45 am
          Depart PHN at 8 am
          Arrival at Cedar Pointe at approximately 11 am
          Student are free to enjoy the park from arrival time until parade prep time at ??
          Prep for parade, meet at rear gate near the train crossing/bathrooms
          Following parade students are guided to buses and will change back into regular clothes Time to venture back to the park
          Board buses 10 pm
          Pizza and water will be provided at departure time
          Arrival at PHN by 1 am

          Please note the specifics conditions below
          for family members traveling to Halloweekends

          Only siblings or parents may accompany students on bus

          NO siblings OF ANY AGE may ride bus unless a parent is also riding the bus

          Adult siblings do not count as a parent
          We reserve the right to ask for picture ID and the right to refuse boarding
          of anyone even with last minute changes

          In the event of last minute changes, full refunds may not be possible

          Monday, September 1, 2014

          Uniforms Galore

          We are in need of helpers tomorrow during practice, 6-9pm in the band room.

          What needs to be done?
          • Match the size to the uniform. Students are measured so now we need to find the uniform that matches their size
          • Pulling hats and sorting by size or alphabetically.
          • Goal to have at least 30 completed in just 3 short hours
          We will help guide you, so don't worry if you haven't done this before.

          Remember...Many hands make light work!!!  I'm sure someone really smart said that, now all we have to do is apply the principal. 

          Please go to this link to lend a hand.  We will help guide you, so don't worry if you haven't done this before.

          Please sign-up a the link above and join us at 6pm in the band room.