Saturday, December 31, 2016



Dear Travelers,
It is time to do a little more work on our trip.  Please read through this page carefully so I have all the information I need to help make this trip the best it can be.
Rooming Cards:  
Students:  you should put the names of the 4 people you would like in your room on your card it is very helpful if you can put the names in alphabetical order.  Your request will be granted IF all names on your card are also on the cards of the other people you want to room with.
If you do not have 4 people on your card, I will need to add other people to your room, or I may need to separate your room to put you into another incomplete room.
Family Fans:  Unless you have requested a single, you will have 2 people in your room.  If you do not know who to choose, you can check with Jennifer for names of other people looking for a roommate.
Families traveling together will be put in the same room.

Dining Events:  
Because our group is so large we need be in two venues for our events.  We will see the Hoop De Doo dinner show on Sunday.  Half of our group will go to the 4:00 show and the other half will go to the 8:30 show.
Our second event is a dessert party on Wednesday at EPCOT beginning at 8:30.  Both groups will be at the same time.  We will watch Illuminations from our venue.
New Event:  We were able to add a new event.  This will be a breakfast on Monday morning at Studios.  After breakfast we will be taken to The Rock and Roller Coaster or Tower of Terror to ride before the park opens.  Because we have extra people riding each bus I am able to offer this event to bus riders at no charge.  If you do not have a transportation package you can add this event for $15.00.  You must put a check mark on the back of your trip card to be registered for the event.  Please note that the cost written on the front of your card does not include this event and the total will be adjusted if you sign up for the breakfast.   If do not choose this event you will receive a $10.00 refund in cash while in Florida.

Make sure you have done all of the following:
  1. All travelers should return a card.
  2. Be sure the roommates you have written on your card have the exact same names on their card.
  3. Check your trip details and total
  4. Check your t-shirt size
  5. If you want to add the breakfast be sure to check the box on the back of the card.



We will have 2 meeting before the trip.  One will be in late January/early February so travelers can set up a “My Disney Experience” account and make Fast Pass Reservations.  The second meeting will be mandatory and will be the day before we leave.  At this meeting you students will drop off their luggage, chaperones and bus captains will pick up packets for the first day of the trip, and everyone will pick up their t-shirts.

Dining Reservations:

Family Fans, if you are interested in eating at a full service restaurant while in Disney, you may want to go on line and make your reservations now.  They tend to fill up quickly.  You can do this by calling 407-WDisney or going to the


Saturday:   6:30 arrive at Northern, leave before 7:30.  We will stop for lunch and dinner.  (Students will receive money for meals.)

Sunday: Animal Kingdom.  Hoop De Doo Review dinner show.  (Half at 4:00 Half at 8:30)

Monday: Studios.  Breakfast.  Half group will receive fast pass for Rock-n- Rollercoaster and half for Tower of Terror.

Tuesday: Group picture at hotel.  Magic Kingdom.  March in parade

Wednesday: EPCOT.  Music workshop 2:00.  Dessert Party and Illuminations 8:30

Thursday: Load busses.  Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure

Friday: Travel day.  We will stop for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  (Students will receive money for meals.)