Parade Volunteers

Please wear a navy shirt and khaki pants so we look organized.

If it is warm be prepared just like the kids...liquify yourself before departure to event.

- Eat and water yourself well before arriving
- We have water ready for students which we will put on ice at the     school before the event, we welcome anyone available to help with the prep.
- Extra water will be on the PHN Band trailer
- We also have gatorade for anyone that gets overheated
- Students will also recieve a breakfast/snack bar at the park once they are settled in.
- A few cooling pads will be on hand also if needed.
- First-aid kit will be on the golf cart

We don't work as hard as the kids but we do get hot just like caution before signing up.

It is important that you sign-up, not just show-up because we need to plan for a specific number of people.

As always thanks for marching forward to help the band!!!