Thursday, October 21, 2010


Please register, or re-register, for Kroger Rewards for the band.  Even if you were signed up previously, you have to renew. 
This is a link from Mr. Senkmajer:  
You should be able to go to this site and register your Kroger card.  It takes just a few minutes, and a portion of your purchases will be donated to our band. 
This does not affect your gas rewards.  
Please tell everyone you know who shops at Kroger.  It takes just a minute, and they would be helping our awesome band program!! 
Don't forget to register for a Kroger card.  
When you use your Kroger card the PHN Bands earn desperately needed funds. It doesn't cost you anything extra
and does not affect your gas rewards.  
Ask your family and friends to sign up for the band too.
Go to the KROGER CARD registration page to sign up.
If you don't have a Kroger card you will have to go 
to the store to get one.  

Thank you

Doug Brooks of Perkins Photography 
has taken some great pictures of the 
Thanksgiving Day Parade  Click Here to go to the site to view and order photos.