Sunday, November 30, 2014

Battle of the Bands

You can still VOTE through Noon Sunday
Select the link below to VOTE for PHN!!!

as of 12:26 am on 11-30-14

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Food update 11-25-14

OK so I'm not in a panic anymore, food started rolling in right after Sectionals.  You band people are amazing!  Have I ever told your how awesome your are??  Not only are your kids exceptional but it's clear how they got that way.

Regarding food...We are in good shape and don't need any more Bisquick, Syrup, Sausage, Butter or eggs.  So Juniors it's up to you at this point to bring in the drinks Thursday morning, please come a bit early if possible!!

If you have milk please let me know. I have (1) gallon and only need 3 more for the pancake recipe.  Any other milk we get will be for drinking.  I will need milk early, like 4:15am.  So if you can swing it, to bring the milk early or the night before to my house, please email me to confirm.

It was fun to talk with parents today at practice and see their excitement about riding the FAN BUS. How fortunate we are to have this opportunity.  If your are not able to make the trip to Detroit keep an eye or two on the Booster site.  I plan to post some photos as we go thru the process from breakfast to Step off.  We are not allowed to use any technology during the parade so I'm counting on Amy Bryce, our official photographer to catch the moments during the parade.

If you have any questions, send them ASAP, because tomorrow evening we all need to get to bed will be a quick night having to get up so early Thursday morning.

Fun, fun, fun with PHN Marching band!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Classroom handout for Parade

“Final” information for Thanksgiving Day Parade 
Download the flyer at this link

Once again, in order to march, students need to have had an *excellent* record of attendance at the 6 parade rehearsals

Final Parade Rehearsal, Tuesday, November 25; 2:45 - 4:30 PM; Marching Krafft and Fairway drive with a police escort for safety.

Please bring in the following to help take care of the group on Thursday: 
Seniors: Box of Granola Bars Thursday morning or Tues
Juniors: Gallon of Milk or Orange Juice Thursday Morning or Tues
Sophomore Boys: Box of Bisquick Tuesday after rehearsal
Sophomore Girls: Bottle of syrup or “tubbed” margarine Tuesday
Freshman Boys: Dozen Eggs Tuesday end rehearsal
Freshman Girls: Pkg. “Link” sausage Tuesday at end of rehearsal

Uniform policies for Thursday (slightly different for Friday):
All normal uniform expectations are in effect including:
• Hair must be secured up and into hat so that the hat can be put on and removed as
• Makeup must be subtle/“invisible”; Earrings must be subtle stud-style and invisible at
10 feet
• Socks must be black and run up to mid-calf; Shoes must be clean
• Any-underlayers must be invisible and NAVY blue or black in color
Additional uniform considerations:
• Navy blue or black hats and head bands are allowed under the uniform hat, but cannot interfere with the ability to wear the hat
normally; Sweatshirt layers must not have hoods
• Students may use hand and foot warmers, but please be careful about having them in direct contact with bare skin
• Students may wear additional layers of black gloves; layers must not interfere with the normal operation of the instruments
• Students should wear multiple thin layers (navy blue or black); Leggings, secondary pants-layers must be tucked into socks

Itinerary for Thursday, November 27: 
4:00 AM Building opens
4:15 AM Breakfast volunteers start setting up, cooking
4:55 AM Sit down for hot breakfast at PHN Cafeteria; Students arrive in full uniform, carrying hats
Need breakfast food donations, see above Please contact boosters at
Looking for breakfast cleanup crew (*could* be fan bus people!)
5:35 AM Band buses depart
6:00 AM Fan Bus departs
6:45 AM Required arrival, per Parade Company

  • Line up, check in, walk from buses to staging area to parade “head”
  • If you bring blankets, we have arranged for them to be donated to a homeless shelter. We have no mechanism to transport/store/return them

9:00 AM Stepoff


  • Don’t forget to have all of your friends and neighbors vote for us on “Click on Detroit” Link will be available on from November 26 - 30! 

10:45 AM Approximate PHN Bands parade finish
11:00 AM Bands load equipment, get drink, snack

  • Parents/Students riding home with parents *must* check out with Mr. Senkmajer before the buses depart

11:30 AM Student buses will depart from Larned between Woodward and Randolph

  • Students that have not been picked up by 11:30 will be transported back to Port Huron.We will not leave students in Detroit; we can’t hold everyone else up from their families 
Fans will need to verify bus departure time and location with the Preferred Charter driver

Port Huron Santa Parade Nov. 28 and Sarnia Parade of Lights Dec. 6
(Sarnia parade is watched by tens of thousands and they *love* our band!)
Uniform adjustments for Friday, November 28, Saturday, December 6

  • Students are encouraged to wear a plain red-and-white santa hat (unless an entire section does otherwise)
  • Students are encouraged to wear a scarf of ANY color!
  • Students are encouraged to decorate themselves and their instruments with tinsel, electric lights, ribbons!
Itinerary for Friday, November 28 
Eat Dinner before you arrive
4:30 PM Band Room opens
4:45 PM Band Room Closes
5:15 PM Meet down behind SEMCO
6:45 PM Pickup at McMorran North Lot
7:15 PM Possibly a pep band that night?
Information to follow!
3:00 PM If anybody would like to help
decorate, the band trailer, come
and help!

Itinerary for Saturday, December 6 
Eat Dinner before you arrive
4:30 PM Arrive at PHN Band Room
4:45 PM Board buses
5:15 PM Cross into Canada
6:00 PM Parade begins
7:15 PM Parade finishes, get snack
7:30 PM Depart Sarnia
8:30 PM Anticipated return

According to Customs agents on both sides of the border, students are *required to carry* any one of the following: a birth certificate, a Nexus card, Enhanced ID or Passport

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Email 11-23-14

Well it's that time again...TWFP

I'll bet you can't wait for the fantastic week ahead!!!

Monday - Butter Braids arrive, pick-up starting at 2:30pm in the PHN Cafe.
Tuesday - Parade practice on Fairway, students need to dress in layers to stay warm.
Wednesday - No school !!!
Thursday - BIG Parade just 4 days away, starting off with a home cooked breakfast by your very own booster parents.
Friday - Port Huron parade  - students will receive more details this week in class.

  • Thanksgiving Parade information is getting more detailed.  Please go to this link to read more...
  • Fan Bus,
  • Watch for a TWIB this week as well as a Parade flyer with answers to all your questions about Thursday.

DC Last call, I will be posting the final list of those registered for the DC trip.  Payment 2 of $125.00 is due by December 1st.

Next week: Sarnia Parade, see Travel permit link and please note that due to crossing into Canada there are special requirements that need to be addressed on the travel form. **Please make sure it is completed and turned into the band box ASAP.

  • Poinsettias: If you forgot to turn in your order, please email me with your order info and have students turn in forms in the band box tomorrow.  Link
  • Fruit: We are still waiting for a final delivery date on the fruit order, anticipating delivery the week of Dec 8th.

Remember your can always find this information on the booster site at There is an archive listed by date or you can search key words for information.

The holidays are upon us...How wonderful!

Parade Information

Watch for us!

We anticipate being in the TV zone
by approximately 10:15 am.

Those picking up students following the parade:
Student buses will depart from Larned between Woodward and Randolph.  Students that have not been picked up by 11:30 will be transported back to Port Huron by school bus. We will not leave students in Detroit; we can’t hold everyone else up from their families.

Our band is featured at this link

After the parade watch for voting at

Fan Bus Information

Fan Buses News!!!

Departure is at approx 6am from PHN

You can bring:
  • Lawn chair
  • cooler
  • and the parking location is close enough that you will be able to use the bus “facilities”.
  • Please check in at the school to obtain your bus ticket and go to this link to verify that you are listed as a rider.
Mark is hoping to park in the vicinity of Wooward & I75

It appears that we are pretty close to the beginning of the parade lineup at they estimate us to be in the TV zone around 10:15 am.

We had such a good response to the fan bus that we have had to turn away a few riders and we don’t want anyone to be surprised on Thanksgiving morning because they don’t have a ride to the city.  So please verify you are on the list.

If you are having trouble with the fan bus link you will have to enter the school code:  phnband, then go to the calendar event, next select the yellow (volunteer) hand.

Fan Bus tickets will be distributed on Thursday morning at school.  It's just our way to do an actually check in process.

Our band will be in the TV ZONE at approx 10:15am.

Feel free to share this information.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

How do you prepare for a BIG Time Parade?

March in 30 degree temperatures, on a beautiful snowy day.

Ask the traffic to wait just a few minutes while we pass

toss in some wind and slush covered roads for experience

 and don't forget to some add flashing light too please!!

Thank you to the officers and
parents that kept us safely guarded the entire way!

Emails 11-20-14

If any kids AND/OR adults would like to go on
Saturday to CMU, we still have some seats left!

Just confirm through band boosters!
Bring money in and put in drop box.
Itinerary is on front of

Travel permit:


Have you been thinking about Christmas gifts?

It's time to get your christmas order ready.

If you are planning to order band apparel in time for Christmas,
this is the last order for 2014.

Make sure your orders are in the band box by
Tuesday, November 25?

Order forms can be found on the Charms site at this link

If you have any questions you can contact Karen Ahearn at
Apparel Coordinator - Karen Ahearn

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Email 11-19-14

Good Evening!

Please remind students to layer tomorrow for practice.  They will be outside marching.

We could still use a few more hands with blocking the roadway on Fairway Dr. during the marching time 3-4:30.  If you are available to assist please go to the charms link.  You might have to enter the school code phnband.

Big benefit for those helping...great music that will get you in the Christmas spirit!

Have a great Thursday band peeps!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Email #3 11-16-14

     The list is long but you
wont't be able to say you aren't informed!!   

Fan Buses are full!!!
Departure is at approx 6am from PHN
You can bring:
  • Lawn chair
  • cooler
  • and the parking location is close enough that you will be able to use the bus “facilities”.
  • Please check in at the school to obtain your bus ticket and go to this link to verify that you are listed as a rider.
We have such a good response we have had to turn away a few riders and we don’t want anyone to be surprised on Thanksgiving morning because they don’t have a ride to the city.  So please verify you are on the list.

If you are having trouble with the fan bus link you will have to enter the school code:  phnband, then go to the calendar event, next select the yellow (volunteer) hand.


All students must ride the school buses to the Parade.  The Parade company sends the school buses an entirely different direction for parking from the spectators. 
  • Students are allowed to ride home with family in their personal vehicle.  They will need to sign out with the bus chaperone.  Someone asked if their student could ride the fan bus home and that answer is no, we cannot guarantee that the bus will be near the parade end point
  • If you are having trouble with the fan bus link you will have to enter the school code:  phnband, then go to the calendar event, next select the yellow (volunteer) hand.

Keeping warm while they wait?
Students that want to keep warm while waiting for step off can bring with them for DONATION (to a Detroit charity)
  • a blanket
  • hat 
  • gloves/mittens
  • Please understand that any items they are using/wearing to keep warm will be given to the charity and cannot be returned to the bus.  "If it comes off the bus it gets donated".  They can leave their own items on the bus for the return trip but those items must stay on the bus.  Parents will not be available to hold items for the students.
Poinsettia orders are due this week, forms available at this link:

Parade practice this Thursday  & Next Tuesday the  25th  We are in need of approx. 6 parents to assist with the practice as the band is marching from the school to Fairway drive and back.  We do have Sheriff escort but still need a few more cars to block traffic at the side streets the band passes by.  Time is 2:45-4:30pm
Go to charms to sign-up
**Anyone making payments via PayPal (Booster site) or Credit card (In person).  The band is charged a convenience fee.  Since we are a non-profit organization we cannot afford to absorb the cost of this charge.  Please be aware that the 5% fee will be added to your student account.  For example a payment of $50 will have a charge of $2.50.  The only time the fee will not be charged is if your are making a donation.

Email 11-16-14 #1 & #2

This is the last "all charms" email for the DC trip.  I have included all present and past email addresses to make sure that no one misses this information.

I'm trying to get things organized in charms, including DC trip forms checked in, fan bus, etc...Need your help parents!

I'm desperate to get everyone using charms regularly.  Please let me know if you are confused by the "charms thing"  I would be happy to meet with you or if there is a need do a charms training session for a group, I'd be pleased to arrange one.  The only thing we are not up and running with in Charms is the finances.  If you have any questions about your student balance, Christine Carwyn has it all in hand, feel free to contact her at:

DC Travelers
Please read this entire email
  1. Go to this link to confirm that your reservation is correct or make changes,
  2. Go to Charms, login to your student account and make sure student information is correct including:
  • email
  • mailing address
  • Date of birth
  • Complete all phone #’s
It is crucial that these steps are followed or we cannot move forward with the trip reservations.

There are two places to get trip information:

fyi...Charms Login steps:
  • School code is phnband
  • Student login password is the PHASD student #
  • Chaperones login password is 4 letter of last and first name…BingRond
  • After you sign in you can change your password to make the account secure

Email 11-114

Please go to the link below to verify that students, travelers, Adults, chaperones are listed correctly for the trip.  If there are any corrections please list them in the appropriate column or if the information is correct note with your initials in the column.

If you have any questions about the trip feel free to contact Becky Kohanov at or call her at 982-3046.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Poinsettia orders due this Friday Nov 21st

Poinsettia orders are due this week!

They make beautiful gifts for the holiday
and students split is 60/40.

You can download a order form at link below: 

Orders are due this Friday November 21st
Delivery following the Christmas concert on December 16th

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Email 11-9-14

Hello Band Peeps!
Please remind students to dress properly for practice. It is very important that they are prepared for our recent cold weather, layering is best.  They should be wearing hats, jackets and shoes appropriate for marching.
Watch for due dates
We have many fundraiser in the works for November: 
Butter Braids - Due 11/10/14
Fruit - Due 11-14-14
Carson's Community Days -11/14 & 11/15
Poinsettias - Due 11/21/14
Ongoing fundraiser is our Scrip program:
Susan Repp will be making a scrip (gift card) order on Monday, November 17th and orders will be delivered before Black Friday.   There are currently many special offers during this time of the year. You can review them on   Meijer is offering 4% rebate until November 28th.  Stock up for the holidays!  Remember, 60% of all rebates go to your student's account.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call Susan Repp, or 385-5898.

Try out the Charms Chat, ask questions & find answers!  Login with your students password/student ID and go to the chat "bubble"
Have a great week band peeps!

Poinsettia Fundraiser order due 11-21-14

Port Huron Northern Band Annual Poinsettia Sale 2014

It’s that time of the year, the holidays are upon us and
what better way to dress up your home or business than with
beautiful Poinsettias and at the same time help
PH Northern bands earn money for music,
instruments, uniforms, etc.

Orders are due no later than:
Friday, Nov 21st
Please may checks payable to:
PHN Bands

Tuesday, December 16



Pink (color not exactly depicted)




 $12 for 6.5’ pot (1 plant)

$20 for 8.5” pot (3 plants)

Following the Christmas concert you can
take your plants home!!

Remember your family, friends, business associates
with a poinsettia for the holidays 

Florida ORANGES Fundraiser order by 11-16-14

"THE HEALTHY CHOICE" for fundraising

A great way to fund for the Washington DC trip!!

Order online at
Port Huron Northern Band Boosters order site....Share it with family & friends !!!
Contact Name Chris Kercher

Phone: (810) 987-9821


Fundraiser End Date: 11/16/2014

Pick-up Date: (Tentative)12/4/2014
Pick-up Time: 3:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Pick-up Address: 
Port Huron Northern High School Performing Art Center
1799 Krafft Rd,
Port Huron MI 48060 View Map
Pick up in the scene shop directly behind the P.A.C.

*The online site will only be taking orders until: 


MSBOA Fest DVD form

Order your MSBOA Festival DVD at this link.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Email 11-4-14

Carson’s Fundraiser opportunity Tomorrow.
We are in need a total of 6 parents to sell books at PHN Teacher/Parent conferences.
  • Wednesday from 6-830pm
  • Thursday 12-230pm
  • Thursday 6-830pm
  • We need to 2 parents per shift to sell books.  For each book sold your student account will be credited $3.00.  Please go to Charms to sign up ASAP.  Pick the date on the calendar that is the correct shift for your schedule.
The next opportunity for selling books is this Saturday at Carson’s Store in Birchwood Mall.
  • Time: 10am - 12pm.
We only need 6 Students for mall sales.  This is a student activity and students should wear their Band polo and black pants.

Please go to this link to sign up

  • Meet inside Mall entrance of Carson's (next to Plant Fitness) at 930am. 
Leslie Buckley is chairing this event.
Please call Leslie 810-982-7330, with any questions

This is a great opportunity to put some money in your student account and save for the DC trip!  This is the main link to the Carson's page.
Have a great evening

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Email 11-3-14

This Week For Parents:
Concert Monday in the Gymnasium. This concert will showcase the all bands, Concert, Symphonic, Winds & Percussion and the Marching Band
Available at the door you will find:
  • Copies of forms; Thanksgiving Travel Permit & Waiver, DC Registration
  • You can also check to see if the above items have been turned in by your student.  Lists will be posted for your reference.
  • Complete and turn in any missing forms at the band box.  Box will be at the table for your convenience.
  • Fundraiser forms
We are also in need of approx. 8 people to help at the concert to Strike the concert set-up to make room for the Marching Band.  If your can lend a hand please use the charms link below.

Important dates as deadlines approach
Detroit Thanksgiving Parade Travel Permits & Parade Waiver
Wednesday :
DC Trip - There are still some seats available on the bus for the DC Trip. Registration forms with deposit of $125.
Nov 10th:
Butter braids orders are due
Nov 15/16:
Carson's Community Days
  • Butterbraids due Nov 10, delivery Nov 24
  • Fruit Sales order due Nov 14, delivery Dec 4
  • Poinsettia Sales  orders due Nov 21, delivery Dec 16