Saturday, August 23, 2014

MSU trip

Enjoying some good eats at the MSU Dairy!

Someone planned ahead for the beautiful weather!

Thank You to
 Preferred Charter Tours
for an enjoyable and safe transporation!!

America's Thanksgiving Parade

Exciting news in from Detroit!!

It’s official. We are Marching in the America’s Thanksgiving Parade, on Thursday November 27th, 2014.

This will be your student's only opportunity to participate in this parade during their high school experience.  We only march every 4 years which means that this will be a once in a lifetime experience for your student.

Transportation to and from the parade is provided by the school district via school bus. However if you would like to pickup your student after the parade you will have an opportunity to get out of town early.  Many families like this option so they can join family back at home and enjoy the remainder of the holiday.  There will be an additional form or spot on the travel permit if your elect to drive your student home.

Something we would like to do is have an official videographer and photographer for our band.  It is Mr. Senkmajer's hope to secure a location providing a high vantage point in which to get some great shots and video of our parade performance.  The key to this is location, location, location.  We are hoping to connect with someone that works or lives along the parade route that will allow us to access to record our performance. If you work in the area or know of someone that does please have them contact the Boosters at

More details to follow as we get closer to the date.

Friday, August 22, 2014

MSU Trip Saturday August 23, 2014

Trip Finalized with 48 Students attending!

Trip Details:
Field trip to MSU to watch MSU Marching Band rehearse.

Field trip costs $25 and includes transportation and lunch. 
Students should bring $$ for stop at McDonald's on the way home.

8:30 AM - Eat before you arrive.  Dress for varying weather
8:45 AM -Depart for MSU
10:45 AM - Arrive at MSU
12:00 Noon Lunch Provided
1:00 PM -Stay for more rehearsal, Afternoon snack provided
5:00 PM -Dinner at McDonalds - bring own money for dinner
8:30 PM - Pick up student at PHN

Monday, August 18, 2014

Band Apparel

             Would you like to be suited up for the first              football game?           

Then you might want to check out the band apparel page.

We have some great items for you or your student to wear throughout the year/s.  If you get your order in this week then Karen Ahearn should be able to get everything in by the first HOME football game Sept 12th.

Go to the apparel page to print forms.  Forms can be delivered to the Booster drop box in the band room (bat cage).

Included below are a couple pics of the
jacket in case you haven't seen one.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Charms update request

I'm sorry to sound like a broken record...
It is really important that all students/parents access the charms accounts and update contact information. Also please add at least one adult and be sure to include an email and cell # as well as your cell carrier name.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Volunteer Page up!

Making it easy for you to connect with PHN bands

New Volunteer page...Check it out!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Booster Meeting brings in record attendance!!

Thanks to the 30 parents that attended our Band Booster meeting tonight.  It was great to meet new parents and see a renewed interest in supporting the program.  Each of you that attended, please watch your email for the meeting minutes.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Booster positions open, get Involved.

We are looking for a parents interested in taking a bigger role in the Boosters.
  • Kim Brier currently handles our uniforms.  She plans to help throughout the football season but needs to train someone on how to handle uniform/tux inventory as well as fitting.
  • Karen Ahearn has handled our apparel orders for the last few years and she would like someone to assist/shadow her this year and take the job over near graduation time.
We welcome anyone that has an interest in shadowing for any other Booster job, including the officers to step forward and we will happily train you.  Sharing responsibilities is easier on everyone, and it's not necessary for a small number of people to carry the workload. Take a look at some of the spots we would like to fill in addition to Kim & Karen's jobs.

Booster meeting next week, please come join us!

Reminder that there is any upcoming booster meeting Tuesday, August 12 at 7:00 pm in the choir room.

Envelopes from Camp pick-up

Students who did not pick up their information envelopes after band camp can pick them up after Tuesday night practice.  Included the envelope is our first fundraiser for Little Ceasers pizza kits.  Chris Kercher is organizing the fundraiser if you have any questions, you can reach her at


Any Seniors and Juniors that have not been fitted for their matching uniform, please see Mrs. Brier in the choir room. She will be ready for y'all Tuesday beginning at 5. 

Sophomores will begin to be fitted after stretching is over at Tuesdays practice. Ladies first please. Any parents who have an hour or two to spare are VERY WELCOME to come help. I can really use more hands. 

Thank you, Kim Brier

Friday, August 1, 2014

Camp pick-up

Hello from Covenant Hills Campground!
We are finishing up our 2nd to the last day at camp and I can’t get the BEATLES out of my head!  This show is going to be amazing and you will be very impressed with what these kids have accomplished.
Besides doing a little bragging about the 214 kids, I would like to cover the pick-up routine for tomorrow.

·         There will not be any parking at the field area.
·         The only vehicles in that area will be for instructors and camp vehicles assisting the PHN BAND.
·         All visiting families will be directed to parking areas at the rear of the campground. Due to the size of our band we need to spread the parking throughout the camp so we can make room for everyone.
·         All luggage will be available for pick up at the COVE. The building is located near the middle of the camp on your left just past the field as your drive in.
·         I suggest you load your student’s luggage prior to going to the field so you can make a quick get-away after the field show.

If you arrive a little early feel free go down to the field and set up your folding chairs or blankets.
·         Unfortunately we cannot have any visitors in the student area or at the dining hall.
·         Most students will be moved out of their rooms after lunch as a new group is coming in tomorrow afternoon.
·         Sorry, we cannot accommodate any visitors in the dining hall. We use every single chair for mealtime, truly maxing out the dining hall.

I am attaching a cabin list, note the name of the cabin your student is housed in so you can easily find their luggage and bedding.

Thanks in advance for being patient with us tomorrow, not only are we orchestrating the move out of 214 kids but also maneuvering up to 214 cars/families.  This is a huge undertaking and we are hoping that by giving everyone a heads-up it will be a positive experience for parents and students.

Enjoy the show!
Ronda Bingham
BB Secretary