Football Game Managment

          Game Checklist:        

* Trailer checklist
* Find water at stadium
* Check front gates
* Gatorade
* Volunteer description
* Volunteer ID's
* Lanyards - in trailer
* Toolboxes - 2 yellow
* Cups - need more from the cage or purchase
* Trash bags
* New wagon
* Tires to mark off stands
* Orange cooler for fruit
* Towels for wet stuff
* Round cooler with juice bottles on ice

* 2-large round coolers with ice/water

          Game Booster Responsibilites:        

Our items go in after percussion and large instruments are loaded.  We need to be back at the end of event just like the kids to make sure Booster items are reloaded. 

In advance of game:
Logistics board member will call in advance to have gate opened, doors opened to storage area under PHN stands

At Game:
Setup tires with rope to mark off band section, hang banner at top of section, grab band signs and put at bottom row at each end of the section.  (Someone needs to retrieve these items at the end of the game.)

Setup POS (Point of sale) items on long table.  This table remains open till games starts so parents can watch pre-game.  It is optional to set-up again during game until half-time.

Pre-game Water:
Fill 2 jugs with ice water, get ice at PHN before leaving.  Need a team of people to fill cups while band is doing pre-game rehearsal on back field.  Following warm up pull jugs and blue wagon to trailer. Coolers needs to be wiped dry and a dry small towel in the lid to keep air circulating, while stored in cage.

Post half-time water & fruit:
Cases of water and fruit can be dropped at gate and some designated to move to bleacher section. Fruit and water should be dispersed throughout seating area for student to self-serve post half-time. When students go out for show, cases can be split open for easy access.  Place a few trash bags at bottom of stands for pick-up after consumption of food/water.  Students will self-serve cleanup/food distribution.

Post game:
Leftovers (fruit/water) need to be delivered back to trailer for consumption at next practice or donated to soup kitchen, someone needs to commit to delivery if donated.  Confirm time for the trailer to be returned to the school, we have to be there to unload and put everything back to its original location (usually next school day at 7am).  If you cannot be there we need to add this volunteer slot to Charms list.