Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Dear Travelers,
            I’m sure everyone is excited and making last minute preparations.  Here are a few things to keep in mind as you pack up this week.
·         Check the weather for packing purposes
·        We will be able to do a quick change after breakfast and before we go to the White House Saturday morning.  You will not be able to access your luggage that is under the bus, so pack anything you want in your carry-on. 
·         Plan carefully for Saturday.   It will be a long day.  You will not be able to bring purses or backpacks into the White House or Capitol Building.  You can carry a wallet or a “clutch.”  A couple of thoughts:  You could get a clutch that turns into a small purse when you add a strap and you could keep the strap in your pocket until after the tours.  You could get a thin bag that folds up small enough to go in your pocket, I have some that are reusable bags I use for groceries.  Keep it in your pocket until after our tours, and then use it as a purse, odd as it will be.
·         Take some time to look up the Smithsonian this week so you can decide which museums you might want to visit.  I have made our 3 ½ days open for you as I do not know what your group would be most interested in seeing and I think if you were going to go to the zoo you’d want it to be a nice day.  You could also go to the National Archives or a tour of the Supreme Court with a docent.
·         After the meeting Thursday, be sure to register with the trip Remind, download the Smithsonian app, and practice using the Metro web site.  See you Thursday.  J

·         Arrive Northern 7:30
·         Depart Northern 9:00

·         6:00 Breakfast at Hotel. 
·         7:30 Leave for White House
·         8:30 Tour White House
·         11:00 Tour Capitol Building
·         12:30 Free Time; Lunch & Smithsonian
·         4:15 – 6:15  Dinner at Carmines 
·         7:30  Capitol Steps show
·         9:30  Busses pick us up, check in at hotel


·         5:00 leave for Busch Garden’s
·         8:00  Return for home from Busch Garden’s

·         7:30 – 8:30  Breakfast at Hotel
·         Morning on own at Arlington, National  Zoo, or Smithsonian
·         1:45  arrive Lincoln Memorial
·         3:00  Lincoln Memorial performance
·         5:00  Dinner at Pizzeria Uno
·         7:00  Meet at Lincoln Memorial for Walking Tour
·         9:00  Busses pick up and return home

·         7:30 – 8:30  Breakfast at Hotel
·         Load Busses before leaving for the morning
·         Go to Smithsonian, Arlington, or Zoo
·         2:00  Meet at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum 
·         11:30  Arrive PHN