Sunday, January 24, 2016


This was unofficially announced at the last booster meeting.

Band Camp for 2016 will be
Monday July 25th - July 29th, 2016.

Covenant Hills Camp withdrew the date we had reserved for band camp.  The original request was for a later week and they moved us to last week of July.

We have been searching for another camp for months but due to our size we are limited on options.  Several people suggested camps and we pursued them, comparing cost and location.  All of the options would result in a significants
 cost increase in the price of camp for our students.

 The google calendar now show the new date.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January Travel Raffle Winner

Thank you to everyone that is supporting
the PHN Bands by purchasing tickets.

January 2016 Raffles Winners
New Orleans $1,400.00
Includes: Airfare, Superior Hotel 4 Nights, Tax
Trip: Julie Rogers #099
$50: Lisa Hall  #204
Oil Change: Vic Meyers #112


December 2015 Travel Raffle
NewYork CityWeekend $1,200.00
 Includes: Airfare, Superior Hotel, 2 nights, Tax
Trip: Pryia Krishen #172
$50: Josh Bryce #248
Oil Change: Karen Leonard #168

November 2015 Raffle drawing
Tampa, Clearwater, or St. Petersburg (Select 1) $1,300.00 Includes: Airfare, Superior Hotel 4 nights, Tax
Trip: Janet Hilliker #003
$50: Sue Stein #203
Oil change: Jennifer Senkmajer #100


October 2015 Raffle drawing
Nashville $1,100.00 Includes: Airfare
Superior Hotel, 3 nights, Tax

Trip: Betty Dunn #127
$50: Dick Bingham #215
Oil change: Gretchen Ringvelski #212


Raffle Drawing time!
September 2015
LasVegas or Reno $1,400.00
Includes: Airfare, Superior Hotel 3 nights,Tax

Trip: Joann Adair  #153
$50: Erin Bryce #247
Oil change: Sheryl Brettschneider #164


August 2015 trip is:
Cancun / or Mayan Riviera All inclusive $1,800.00
Includes: Airfare & Airport transfers, Superior Hotel 4 nights
Non Motorized Water Sports, Gratuities, Tax
Trip: John Stage #124
$50: Barry Smith #167
Oil change: Debbie Falls #210


July 2015 Washington D.C. $1,300.00 Includes: Airfare, Superior Hotel 3 nights, Tax
Trip: Vanderhavel Ticket # 233
$50: Mitch Olsen #206
Oil change: Gretchen Ringvelski # 010



Our May Winners are:
May 2015 Michigan Hotel Vacation of Choice $1,000.00 Includes: $100.00 Gas Card, Superior Hotel 3 Nights & Tax
1st: #72, R&D Machine
2nd: #5 Jill hartson
3rd: #10 Gretchen Ringvelski

Our April Winners are:
April 2015 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina $1,400.00 Includes: Airfare, Superior Hotel 3 nights, Tax
1st: Rose Bianchi
2nd: Arlene Halifax
3rd: Tina Hutchinson

Monday, January 11, 2016

Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy New Year Bandos!

This year is about to get...a rock'n.
Keep and on the TWIB for current information