Charms Office is...
Superior and Effective Parent Communication
No other software exists today that can provide the level of parent communication that Charms provides. News bulletins are available the minute parents login. Every parent or student in the band, can access the calendar, print handouts, check on finances, pay fixed payments and trips online, maintain practice logs, record auditions and tests, and maintain their own personal information and email addresses etc. Parents can see what inventory is checked out to their child, as well as what uniforms are still outstanding, what music needs to be checked in and whether that permission slip, health form, or handbook acknowledgement actually made it back to the office.

Your password is your student's ID #, 4xxxxxxx, if needed at any point, our school code is PHNBand.

The ID# can be found below your student's name on their report card.

Ideally we would like every parent & student to login into their account and completely fill out all student information, as well as adding adults to their profile.  This will become our single point of contact for all future emails.

This program is not completely live as we are in then process of entering each students account information.  Please give us till August to complete the financial processing.

One other cool thing about charms is that they offer phone apps that make access to information super easy.
 ios7  &  android

Sync instructions...
  1. Go into the Settings app
  2. Touch "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
  3. Under Acounts, touch "Add Account"
  4. On the Add Account screen, touch "Other"
  5. Under Calendars, touch "Add Subscribed Calendar"
  6. For the Server value, enter the URL of the public calendar:
  7. Touch "Next" in the upper right corner.
  8. It will verify the server then show a subscription page. Change the description if you like.
  9. Touch "Save" to save the subscription.

Are you ready to check it out?  Here is the link CHARMS Office