Friday, October 4, 2019

Skyward Email

The below text was sent to ALL Skyward Associated emails and like all Skyward emails, I included this text in the Google Calendar.

The College Entrance Examination Board found that students involved in public school music programs scored 107 points higher on the SAT's than students with no participation.

- Profiles of SAT and Achievement Test Takers, The College Board,

compiled by the Music Educators National Conference (2002)


This is all Marching Band Related

1) If you did not order Marching Band "Magic" Shirts, we have another open order running until Wednesday, October 9 at Noon.

Please pay by Wednesday, October 16.

2) First Order of "Magic" Shirts are in.  If you have not paid, please pay by Wednesday, October 9 at 2:30, otherwise they may be used to fill the second order.

3) Alma Invitational COMPETITION ("WOOOOO!")

Travel Permit

Please consider coming to watch the band.  Competition start at 1:00 PM,+Fort+Gratiot+Township,+MI+48059,+USA/614+W+Superior+St,+Alma,+MI+48801/@43.0982919,-84.1160487,9z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x88259bbd1acff513:0x456d85b7aeffc881!2m2!1d-82.4446392!2d43.0241778!1m5!1m1!1s0x882214bfe1d0a461:0x4d8e6130fb9dfaa5!2m2!1d-84.6698629!2d43.3789707!3e0

A COMPETITION is not a "festival."  Bands are scored, ranked and scores are public. 
A "Good" score this time of year is in the upper 80s to low-90s, depending on the judges
We will get a "carved-out" score in each of the following categories
 *  Music Performance
 *  Music Effect
 *  Marching Performance
 *  Visual Effect
 *  Percussion
 *  Color Guard

Please read *all* of this:

I did not build in a lot of extra time, so please hold tight to this schedule
 - Eat breakfast before you arrive, bring money for concessions
 - Arrive at school wearing uniform pants, navy or black upper
 - For comfort, uniform Jacket is on a HANGAR
 - It will be cool.  Wear a layer or two underneath
 - Gauntlets, gloves, hat in cardboard hat box. 
 - Bring $$ for concessions

9:45 AM    School Opens
10:00 AM    Loading large equipment begins behind school
10:20 AM    Loading large equipment ends behind school
10:20 AM    Loading smaller equipment in cases and hat boxes onto truck in front of school
        MEMORIZE YOUR HAT BOX NUMBER (Take a picture)
        Do not write on box.  Consider putting name on a card in box
        Wear layers: Again NAVY OR BLACK ONLY ON TOP
        You may wear a jacket or sweatshirt while en route

10:30 AM    Go to the bathroom, students board buses
10:45 AM    Buses depart
1:00 PM    Buses arrive in Alma
        Quick snack and drink
        Quick bathroom break
        Put on jacket, gauntlets, hat
        Go over and unpack instruments
        If you are buying concessions after performance, bring $$ with you
        No access to buses until we depart

1:45 PM    Begin Performance "cycle"
        Physical and musical warm-up

2:50 PM    PERFORM

3:05 PM    Off field, hurry to concessions

If you are taking your student home, please check out with me.  I will have a lists.
Students may not ride home with other families without written permission from their parents

3:30 PM    Awards
4:00 PM    Load
~4:30 PM    Depart
~7:00 PM    Return to PHN