Monday, November 6, 2017

What's Happening this week

This week a practice will be held on Thursday November 9 from 2:45-4:00 pm in preparation for the upcoming parade.
November 10 is our Fall Band Banquet taking place from 6-8 pm. Nacho/Taco bar will be served. Cost is $6 per person or $30 for immediate family members.
Girls- bring a dessert to share
Boys- bring two 2 liters of soda
Band student council will be holding a Band Lock In starting at 9 pm on November 10.
Carson's Day Fundraiser is ongoing through November 11.
Butter Braids Fundraiser going on through November 17.
Poinsettia Fundraiser going on through November 20.
Please contact me with any questions
Thank you for your ongoing support!