Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Maybe your too busy to make it to the FORD Drive 4 UR School tomorrow...then please do the band a favor and find two more people that can take your place.

Maybe you don't need the $5 for your student account...wait, but you'll be giving up $15 more, that the band REALLY needs.

Every Driver counts!!!

PLEASE, please, I beg of you.  Find Drivers, send them to Northgate Ford tomorrow between 2 & 7pm. 

"We" will be really nice to them and share in some laughs.  "We Volunteers" really like people and we love to support the efforts of our students.

Your kids matter to us!

Please send anyone, everyone you know to support this effort!

Call your people and have them come see our people!!
Imagine what can be done with $6000.00???