Sunday, April 26, 2015

MSBOA State Band Festival

Hosting the MSBOA State Band Festival is a huge endeavor.  It requires many workers to provide a positive experience to the groups were are welcoming into our school.  I have listed basic job descriptions below for volunteers working this week/weekend.  You can also find this information on the charms site.  We are in need of food as well.

  • Seated at the main doors in front of the PHN cafeteria, the greeter hands out event schedules and school maps.
  • General info and directions.
Sale of:   Pop,Water, Chips, Nachos, Hot dogs, Pizza, Candy
  • 1 person will take money
  • 3 people to serve food
  • 2 food prep, nachos/Dogs
Equipment drop off:
  • Located at the back hallway doors of the PAC.  Schools deliver all percussion and large instruments to this location.
  • You are not required to unload equipment but could assist by holding doors, answering questions, providing directions.

  • Ushers prevent anyone from entering  PAC during performances.
  • Ushers are located at the double doors in the PAC hallway.
  • Students that are runners are the only people allowed to enter/exit the PAC during performances.  Runner deliver/pick-up up documents from the adjudicators.

Our bands are performing as follows so please consider this when selecting your work hours as we need all hands on deck at the scheduled times.
2:30-5:00 Cadet band
5:30-8:30 Symponic band
7:30-10:00 Wind Ensemble & Percussion

Volunteer below

Thursday 4-30-15:

Friday 5-1-15:

Saturday 5-2-15:

Food Donations: