Thursday, December 4, 2014

Uniform collection on Saturday

Students not traveling in April to Washington DC are asked
to turn in their marching uniformfollowing the Sarnia Parade.

Upon return to PHN please go to the band room and check-in the following items:

  • marching uniform
  • hats
  • hatbox
  • hanger
Plan ahead and bring your hard plastic hanger to the school and leave in your cubby or instrument case before you board school buses, so that you can hang up the uniform when we return to PHN.

Missing hangers will be charged $5.00 to your student account.  The hanger not only properly holds your uniform but also identifies your uniform so you get proper credit for its safe return.

**Be sure you take your Birth Certificate out if the inner pocket before turning in your uniform.

Those going to DC are to keep their uniforms and watch your email for further instructions about cleaning and uniform care/travel guidelines for DC.

I bet you've been wondering?
When we are all getting together to celebrate an amazing MARCHING season.
Well wait no longer....drum roll please
Marching band banquet will be held on
Date: Tuesday January 6th, 2015
Time: 6pm
Location: PHN Cafe

Rather than trying to compete with all of the wonderful holiday concerts and
celebrations, we decided to save this one to Ring in the New Year!"
Mark your calendar for January 6th!!