Friday, September 12, 2014

Football Game information

TWIB this week:

Who: Marching Band at home games
When: Friday September 12, 2014
Where: Memorial Stadium

During school, Tubas, Drum Majors, Percussion and a few other large
instruments load their own equipment onto the truck
  • 5:00 Drop off student at Stadium
  • Percussion and color guard drop off earlier for sectionals
  • 5:15 Student are at practice field, ready to play, ready to go Practice/rehearsal
  • 6:45 Pregame performance
  • Cheer football team, play in stands in prearranged seating
  • 7:50 Halftime performance
  • Cheer football team, play in stands
  • 9:15 Game concludes, load equipment truck, pick up student

  • Marching shoes, Hat, Plume
  • Gloves - issued at first game, bring back same pair for each game
  • Do not wear anything under the uniform that “shows” (wear navy or black)
  • Hair must be pulled back or up - no visible hair ties/barrettes
  • Hair nets may be required (applies to both males and females)
  • Hat must be able to be removed and replaced
  • No obvious earrings or makeup (visible at 10 feet), no watches
  • Plain black dress socks that are at least calf-length

  • Students are to leave instrument cases by equipment truck 
  • Students are expected to sit in the band block
  • Please do not bring food or non-water drinks to your student 
  • Students are to stay until the end of the game (9:15ish) 
  • Students are to be ready to play at all times
  • Students are to bring gloves back for next performance
  • Students that do not meet uniform or practice expectations perform from sidelines
  • Students are expected to reload their own equipment onto truck
  • By middle of September, most music is memorized
  • Marching Uniforms available Thursday Sept 11 after practice 
  • Student will need to have their Uniform Sheet turned in to pick up their uniform.

Bring money for food, drink, and tip (total $8-$10)
Uniform for September 12 performance: Full band uni