Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Preseason Rehearsals

Here is a schedule for our preseason rehearsals which start Monday, August 10
I know this has been stressful for folks.  Thank you for being patient.
Please be careful with your health and be honest when answering questions during check-in each day.
Also, I am passing on, once again, that I have been asked to request that you please have a mask available for all rehearsals.  As it pertains to outdoor, non-contact activities, I will continue to work to follow the policies of our district and the agencies from which *they* are drawing their guidance.
When standing in sectionals,
* I keep reminding students to put the appropriate distance between themselves and also "stagger" their lines, forward and back, to limit "direct lines"
* students are given the option to create further distance if they choose
* when out on the field, we will function (for now) in 4-step (7.5 foot) blocks. 
* next Monday, we are *not* yet meeting as a full group for either marching or playing
* we will provide lunch as well as frequent water breaks
* wear comfortable, athletic-style clothing and shoes
* wear sunscreen
As I am sure many people are, I try to read-up on information being released by the CDC, pediatricians, and even agencies and research overseas as it pertains to school and school-related activities. It can be very confusing, especially in light of the added "noise" created by social media.  I continue to follow the recommendations of our district.
I have no envy for the decision-makers, locally, statewide, or nationally.  Keep them in your thoughts and/or prayers.
Thanks again.  Be safe.